Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Planet Polar Bear

Hey guys!!!!
 Its #AnimalLover here! I am so excited for todays post! im surprised i made it a whole week!

Todays post is inspired by the weather where i live!
Its snowing, so todays post is about a snow animal! The Polar bear.

Also, happy last day of January 2017!!!

Lets get started.

                            ~PLAYFUL POLAR BEARS~

DIET- these animals are carnivores which means they eat meat.

HABITAT- You can find polar bears on sea ice located at the continental shelf, and the arctic inner island. therefore they are located around the perimeter of the polar ice pack. 

NAMES- baby~ cub: Female adult~ sow : male adult~ boar

WEIGHTS- Adult males: 772-1,543 lbs_ while females weigh half that( when pregnant females can weigh, 1,102 lbs)

HEIGHTS- (Adult males)7ft 10in- 9ft 10in in length and 4ft 4in shoulder height(Adult females)5 ft 11 in–7 ft 10 in in length . when standing 11ft 1in

PREDATORS- Polar bears find themselves at the top of the food chain so their only predators are their own kind; the polar bear itself. Also one of polar bears largest predators(besides themselves) are humans. humans mostly hunt polar bears for their skin and meat.
Cubs on the other hand are hunted by wolves and other carnivores

PREY- seabirds, and seals

DIET of foods- Blubber, berries, grasses, and the animals above^
Image result for snow animals

Thats all for today! i hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as i did, and learned a lot more about polar bears!!!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrows post from..........BloggerA!!!!

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Schedule + voting poll closed

Hey Animal Lovers! The authors of this blog and I have made a schedule so that we will all post once a week. And since there are five of us we will be posting Monday-Friday.
I thought I would let you know which days each author will be posting on. And if one of the authors can't do it that day then someone will take over for them. 
Here is the schedule:

  • Musicgirl14 will be posting on Mondays
  • #AnimalLover will be posting on Tuesdays
  • BloggerA will be posting on Wednesdays
  • BloggerGirl(me) will be posting on Thursdays
  • BloggerLover will be posting on Fridays.
If we make any other changes to the schedule we will let you know as soon as possible.
So look forward to Musicgirl14's post that will be coming on Monday!
Thank you so much! -The Animal Lovers Team

I would also like to mention that the poll on the side bar has closed. So hopefully you were able to vote for your favorite wild animal. If you didn't get to I'm sorry but we will have more polls coming up soon. But now here are the results!!
Tigers came in first place with having the most votes!! Second place goes to  zebras!! Hippos,lions and snakes all tied for third.
Thank you soooo much for voting and being apart for our Animal Lovers community!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bet you didn't know! All about FLAMINGOS!

Today's post is some fun flamingo facts! Although you know that these birds are pink because of their diet, did you know.....

  • Flamingos eat shrimps, algae, plankton, and crustaceans. 
  • There are different types of flamingos: the Greater Flamingo, the American Flamingo, and the Chilean flamingo!
  • Under their pink feathers are black feathers!
  • "Flamingo" means "flame" or "fire".
  • Flamingos are the National Bird of the Bahamas. 

I hope you learned a lot! ~BloggerA

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Elite Elephants

Hey everyone! It's #AminalLover!!!! Man its been a long time!
Anyways im back to posting and my "day" is Tuesday!
Today is January 24 2017 and my sisters bday was on the 18th so i am doing a special post for her birthday on her favorite animal!

Entertaining Elephants.

Elephants are mammals from the family of elephantidae. These beasts are found in Africa and Asia.
The most known elephants are the African Elephant, and the Asian Elephant. Elephants are herbivores which means that they are plant eaters and can be found in many habitats including, savannas, forests, deserts, and marshes.  Mostly in places near water. Elephants are hunted by predators such as, lions, hyenas, tigers, and wild dogs. The name of a baby elephant is called a Calf.
Other places you can find these animals near you, are at your local zoos and circuses.
Recently, elephants have been taken out of circuses because of many elephant deaths happening because of the stresses on there body's.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and learned more about these amazing animals.

Till next week,

Monday, January 23, 2017

Animal comparisons

Hey! It's Musicgirl14 again! Hope you are doing well today!!

This post is about the biggest and tiniest animals alive. Please welcome the bumblebee bat and the blue whale!

Blue whale: 🐋🐋🐋🐳🐳🐳
The blue whale is the largest mammal alive. The record is 98 feet long and 173 tonnes!!
That's one cool whale!

The bumblebee bat:

The bumblebee bat is so cute!! It is the smallest mammal on earth. The other name for it is the Kitti's hog-nosed bat. The wingspan is 29-33 millimeters long!!

Hope you enjoyed these facts!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

January's animal! BloggerA- Thursday

Hey everyone! Today's post is January's animal! I hope you enjoy!

January's animal is the DOG. I know may sound boring, because the dog is such a common animal, but remember that God created dogs so we should be thankful for them!!
Dogs, as you may know, have a keen sense of sight and smell. In fact their sense of smell is 12 million times more sensitive then humans!!!! Isn't that so amazing?
Dogs are able to hear a wider range of sounds than humans, recognizing noises up to 40,000 cycles higher.
A dog wagging their tail can mean that they are happy, happy to see you, or if they are in a challenging mood-- be alert to this!!
Dogs have many talents and abilities: they can be Seeing Eye dogs, who lead those who can't see very well, or they can be show dogs and earn blue ribbons!!
Dogs who are deaf can quickly adapt to not being able to hear. If you know of or own a deaf dog, try teaching he/she sign language! (they can respond to sign language!)

Here are some links to learn more:

akc.org     (for general info on dog breeds)
caninecompanions.org          (to learn how YOUR dog can assist people with disabilities.)
deafdogs.org         (for info on training or adopting a deaf dog)
petfinder.com       (for info on adopting a homeless dog or locating a dog lost during a disaster)
westminsterkennelclub.org     (for info on dog shows and more)

Thank you for reading!


5 Cool Animal Facts

                               5  Cool Animal Facts:

Hey everyone! It's Musicgirl14! I'm finally back to posting and I will hopefully  every Friday starting today. I'm so glad to share these facts with you and I hope you enjoy them!

1. Hippos sweat is pink or red, creating their own sunscreen.

2. Zebras run side to side when predators approach.

3. Common toads live up to 10-12 years.

4. Parrots have 4 toes. Two facing forward and two facing backwards.

5. Blue whales are thhe largest mammal living on earth.

Hope you enjoyed! Comment down below what was your favorite!
Thank you hope you have a great day! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Underwater World

Hey Animal Lovers! It's Blogger Girl here! And today is Tuesday and the day that I get to post on here! So I'm super excited to share with you guys the topic for today! I know all of you Animal Lovers out there probably love all the cute and fuzzy animals like dogs,cats,tigers,lions etc. But I am definitely a fan of underwater animals! Like turtles,whales,dolphins and fish! And maybe some of you guys like these too! So for today's post it is going to be all about Underwater Animals! From facts to funny and cute pictures! Let's swim into it!
                                                                     Fishy Facts

  1. There are over 25,000 identified species of fish in the world! WOW!
  2. 40% of all fish live in fresh water, yet less then .01% of the earths water is fresh water.
  3. The largest fish is the great whale shark which can reach up to 50 feet in length! 
                                                                    Turtle Tales

  1. Many turtle species are endangered.
  2. Sea turtles have special glands which help remove salt from the water they drink.
  3. Like other reptiles, turtles are coldblooded.
                                                                    Shark Secrets

  1. There are over 400 species of sharks!
  2. Baby sharks are called "pups".
  3. Shark's wounds heal very quickly!
And here are some cute and funny underwater animal pictures that I thought you would enjoy:

And that is the end of today's post! I really hope you enjoyed! Look out for tomorrows post! hmm...I wonder who is posting...I guess you will find out tomorrow!! Have a great day! And you'll see me back here on Tuesday! -BloggerGirl (Administrator of Animal Lovers)


Monday, January 16, 2017

Some Fun Animal Stuff

Hey All! Todays post by me is all fun stuff.  Animal Jokes, Funny Animal Pictures, and some other things.  Lets hop into this post!

Who likes a good laugh? I know I do.  To start off this post right, I wanted to post some funny cat pictures off the internet.  Lets hop into this first section of the post!

images of really funny cat memes:   Jack-O-Cat:    

Maybe you want some more of a laugh.  With these funny animal jokes you'll get it.  The answers to these jokes will be at the end of the post in the Joke Answers Section.  
Why are fish so smart? 

Why is it so easy to weigh fish? 

How do Bees get to school?

Check the Animal Joke Answers Section at the bottom for the answers.  

 In this next section of the post you will find some cool animal fun facts.  

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world (not that I had to say this-Everyone probably knows this! Other popular pets are Fish, Dogs, Hamsters, and Guinea Pigs.  

Cats can live between 12 and 15 years, while the oldest cat was Creme Puff, and lived to b 38 years and 3 days old.   

And well that's the end of my post.  Well, almost.  Just a few more things.  Animal Lovers has over 3,000 Views.  Thank You Very Much for viewing AL, and Commenting.  Please follow Animal Lovers.  If you have questions, you can find the Contact Form at the bottom of the blog, and it will contact the administrator of this blog.  Please Comment down Below if you would like to see more posts like this! ANIMAL LOVERS THANKS YOU FOR VIEWING, COMMENTING, AND FOLLOWING.  IF YOU HAVE NOT FOLLOWED ANIMAL LOVERS, PLEASE DO, WE WOULD APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH.  

Animal Joke Answers?

Q: Why are fish so smart?
A: Because they live in schools

Q: Why is it so easy to weigh fish?
A: They have their own scales

Q: How do fish get to school?
A: On the school buzz