Thursday, January 26, 2017

Schedule + voting poll closed

Hey Animal Lovers! The authors of this blog and I have made a schedule so that we will all post once a week. And since there are five of us we will be posting Monday-Friday.
I thought I would let you know which days each author will be posting on. And if one of the authors can't do it that day then someone will take over for them. 
Here is the schedule:

  • Musicgirl14 will be posting on Mondays
  • #AnimalLover will be posting on Tuesdays
  • BloggerA will be posting on Wednesdays
  • BloggerGirl(me) will be posting on Thursdays
  • BloggerLover will be posting on Fridays.
If we make any other changes to the schedule we will let you know as soon as possible.
So look forward to Musicgirl14's post that will be coming on Monday!
Thank you so much! -The Animal Lovers Team

I would also like to mention that the poll on the side bar has closed. So hopefully you were able to vote for your favorite wild animal. If you didn't get to I'm sorry but we will have more polls coming up soon. But now here are the results!!
Tigers came in first place with having the most votes!! Second place goes to  zebras!! Hippos,lions and snakes all tied for third.
Thank you soooo much for voting and being apart for our Animal Lovers community!!

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