Thursday, January 19, 2017

January's animal! BloggerA- Thursday

Hey everyone! Today's post is January's animal! I hope you enjoy!

January's animal is the DOG. I know may sound boring, because the dog is such a common animal, but remember that God created dogs so we should be thankful for them!!
Dogs, as you may know, have a keen sense of sight and smell. In fact their sense of smell is 12 million times more sensitive then humans!!!! Isn't that so amazing?
Dogs are able to hear a wider range of sounds than humans, recognizing noises up to 40,000 cycles higher.
A dog wagging their tail can mean that they are happy, happy to see you, or if they are in a challenging mood-- be alert to this!!
Dogs have many talents and abilities: they can be Seeing Eye dogs, who lead those who can't see very well, or they can be show dogs and earn blue ribbons!!
Dogs who are deaf can quickly adapt to not being able to hear. If you know of or own a deaf dog, try teaching he/she sign language! (they can respond to sign language!)

Here are some links to learn more:     (for general info on dog breeds)          (to learn how YOUR dog can assist people with disabilities.)         (for info on training or adopting a deaf dog)       (for info on adopting a homeless dog or locating a dog lost during a disaster)     (for info on dog shows and more)

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