Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Planet Polar Bear

Hey guys!!!!
 Its #AnimalLover here! I am so excited for todays post! im surprised i made it a whole week!

Todays post is inspired by the weather where i live!
Its snowing, so todays post is about a snow animal! The Polar bear.

Also, happy last day of January 2017!!!

Lets get started.

                            ~PLAYFUL POLAR BEARS~

DIET- these animals are carnivores which means they eat meat.

HABITAT- You can find polar bears on sea ice located at the continental shelf, and the arctic inner island. therefore they are located around the perimeter of the polar ice pack. 

NAMES- baby~ cub: Female adult~ sow : male adult~ boar

WEIGHTS- Adult males: 772-1,543 lbs_ while females weigh half that( when pregnant females can weigh, 1,102 lbs)

HEIGHTS- (Adult males)7ft 10in- 9ft 10in in length and 4ft 4in shoulder height(Adult females)5 ft 11 in–7 ft 10 in in length . when standing 11ft 1in

PREDATORS- Polar bears find themselves at the top of the food chain so their only predators are their own kind; the polar bear itself. Also one of polar bears largest predators(besides themselves) are humans. humans mostly hunt polar bears for their skin and meat.
Cubs on the other hand are hunted by wolves and other carnivores

PREY- seabirds, and seals

DIET of foods- Blubber, berries, grasses, and the animals above^
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Thats all for today! i hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as i did, and learned a lot more about polar bears!!!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrows post from..........BloggerA!!!!

until next week,
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  1. Great job #animal lover! I learned a lot more about polar bears! When I read the part about polar bears not having any predators except their own kind I was really surprised, but that's super cool!

  2. thanks so much! Im glad you enjoyed it and learned more about these cute animals!


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