Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hi!!!!! It's BloggerA. It's been a busy week for me so I haven't had much of a chance to post... But here I am! 

Recently, my sister and I watched a documentary on penguins! It was super cool! (Literally, the temp was more than 32 below!) here are some facts that I gathered from it. 

• After the Penguins mate, the mother will hatch an egg and give it to the father. Then she will leave to find food. The father keeps the egg insulated and warm in freezing Antartica. 

• The many fathers of these little penguin eggs huddle together in big groups to keep warm. 

• In about four months, the little penguins are born, and they are so cute! The fathers have been saving a meal for them in the back of their throats (gross!) and they feed it to them now. 

• After the chicks are born, the mothers come back, bringing food! The fathers are tired and cold, so they give the chick back to the mother to keep it warm, then they begin the parental stage, which is basically following the little chicks around while they play with their friends! 

Penguins are such amazing animals! 


PS- The documentary we watched was called PLANET EARTH: THE ARCTIC. 


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