Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alligators... they're scary yet incredable

Image result for alligators
these ones look super camouflage!! thats so cool!
When i go on vacation sometimes i go to South Carolina,
and its cool but freaky because there are alot of alligators
Anyways i hope you guys like this photo!
Also if you have any suggestions please let us know what they
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a pic you want posted... even multiple!

Question of the day is..... have you ever seen an alligator?

XOXO #AnimalLover<3

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  1. I saw a video a few months ago - it was a REAL video about an alligator walking around a grocery store, opening and closing the automatic doors! The employees had to lock the doors so that the alligator would stop messing with them. I would sure hate to be the one given that task, going outside near the alligator - LOL!


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