Monday, September 14, 2015

Super Awesome Bird Drawing

Image result for birds drawing
I hope you guys like this picture that was drawn of a Cardinal.
This was requested by Anonymous.
be sure to comment down below, tell us your thoughts on this drawing. Also be sure to tell us what your favorite animal is, and if you want us to post a picture of it or a certain animal.

XOXO AnimalLover


  1. woah! Thats super cool! I love it! Thanks #AnimalLover!!!!! and my favorite animal is a bird, lol

  2. Yes like #AnimalLover said please share your thoughts on what animal you would like us to post! Because sometimes we run out of ideas! :)

  3. Hi #AnimalLover! Could you post some tutorials on how to make animal crafts?

  4. I think we probably can! Blogger Girl or I will hopefully post one. Also be sure to look at one of Blogger Girl's other blogs called . If you have anymore questions don't be afraid to ask!
    If you have any more questions dont be afraid to ask(=

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